Artwork Collection Database

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Artwork Collection Database

The Artwork collection database is perfect for artists, art collectors, art galleries, or others needing to record detailed information about their artwork inventory or collection.

The Artwork Collection Database stores an artwork's provenance exhibitions, showing, publications, and previous sales and has the ability to links valuation and/or sale documentations supporting that provenance. Rrecord complete details of all art pieces in your collection, add any number of photos or images of the work, and store details of artwork pieces out on loan. Be alerted when they become overdue. View forms here.

Database Features

  1. The Artworks Collection database records details of an artworks along with links to images, documents and other electroninc files relating to that artwork, all in one place.
  2. Record the artist, year, dimensions, series, media, value, identification details, and current location of each artwork.
  3. Record an artwork’s provenance, including showings, exhibitions, publications, sales etc. Print an artwork's history report including image and provenance.
  4. The Artworks Collection database can be used to quickly and easily create a catalogue of selected works. The catalogue can be printed directly or export into a PDF ready to email or view.
  5. The database has comprehensive reporting capabilities allowing you to view and report on all aspects of your art collection, with just the click of a button.
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The Artwork collection software is designed as a front-end/back-end database, making it perfect for a single user or multiple users over your local business network. The database stores details on any number of artworks, allows you to create unlimited image catalogues and simplifies the process of tracking artworks that are out on loan or consignment. With just a few keystrokes you can recall or reported all aspects of your art collection. Click to view database forms & features.

Database Compatability

The database is compatible for use with Microsoft Access Database 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 365 and any current version of Access Runtime


The Artwork Collection Database is available for the single purchase price of $79.95, and has no on-going cost or charges.

Download Artwork database without cost or obligation, and trial it yourself FREE for 30 days. After downloading please read the included 'Read Me' file which provides instructions for installing the database as a single user on a single PC or for multiple Users via a local server/network.

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Database Customisation

As software developers we are aware that off-the-shelf software is rarely a one size fits all solution. But with just a little tweaking, some added functionality, or additional reporting, the software becomes can become a far more productive tool, and a better fit, for the end-users business.

If you are interested in software enhancements or after extra reporting please feel free to contact us with an outline/details of the additional functionality or reporting required, and we will get back to you with a quote to adapt the software to better suit your specific requirements.

For those who do NOT already have Access Database installed on your PC, we have provided a link to the Access Database Runtime program, available free from Microsoft. For further information see our Access Runtime FAQ Page.