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Artwork Collection, Catalogue & Artworks Inventory Software for Artists, Galleries & Collectors

Artwork Collection Software

TThe Artwork Collection software is a multi-user access database that is perfect for artists, collectors, art galleries, and those who cataloging artworks, art inventories, or collections. Store and search artwork records, link images, create catalogues, track artworks on loan, consignment, or exhibited. And with the release of GI Artworks Database version 4.00, users can now import their existing artwork data.

The Artwork Collection database records the title, year, dimensions, verso, artist details, acquisition, and disposal details of every artwork in your collection. Link multiple images of artworks, then use those images to create stunning catalogues in minutes, not hours or days, with the built-in artwork cataloging tool and cover designer. Artwork catalogues can be printed, exported, or emailed directly from the Artworks Collections Database.

Artists, and art collectors, know how important it is to record the history and provenance of artworks. The Artworks Collection database can record the sales history, exhibitions, publications, and public showing of every artwork in the database. Link webpages, documents, valuations, editorials, and other files with artwork records so they are never lost. You can even open, copy, email, or share those files directly from the artworks record. The Artwork Collection database also records details of loaned artworks and alerts you when they become overdue. Create and print gallery labels for each artwork as well as delivery and collection receipts, ready for signing.

NO ONGOING FEES OR SUBSCRIPTIONS, just a single, affordable, one-time license fee lets you install and share the Artworks Collection database between up 10 PCs over your local home or business network, or on a single stand-alone PC. There are no monthly fees or other costs.

Why not download the Artwork Collection database and try it yourself, for free and without obligation for 30 days. If it doesn't exceed your expectations, then simply uninstall it. You have NOTHING TO LOSE!

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Database Features

  1. The Artworks collection database can store multiple images of each artwork. Link webpages, documents, and electronic files with artworks.
  2. Import Artwork information from spreadsheets with an easy-to-use custom import template.
  3. Record the artist, year, dimensions, media, value, identification details, acquisition details, and much more about each artwork.
  4. Print an artwork's history that includes showings, exhibitions, publications, sales, and images of the work into a single report.
  5. Use the catalogue builder to create stunning artwork catalogues with any number of works. Design a Catalogue cover then print, export, or email the catalogue as a pdf directly from the Artworks Database.
  6. Keep clients and patrons engaged with the built-in Bulk Emailer. Send personalized emails about your artworks or upcoming exhibitions. Include images, website links, or attach newsletters, catalogues, and other files.
  7. The Artworks collection database has comprehensive reporting capabilities to keep you well informed about your artwork collection.
Access Database - Artworks Collection Database Sample image

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The Artwork collection database software uses a robust front-end (user-interface) / back-end (data tables) format, making the Artworks Database ideal for sharing over a local network or for use by a single user on their local PC. Click to view screenshots of the database user forms & features.

The Artworks Collection software requires Microsoft Access Database to operate (version 2013 to Office 365). If you don't have MS Access Database installed, our software installer will download the appropriate FREE version of Microsoft Access Runtime Database from Microsoft and install it for you. Want more information about the Microsoft Access Runtime database program. Visit our FAQ page or read the Artwork Database Installation guide included in the download package.

Artworks Database Free Trial

Download and trial the Artworks Collection database without cost or obligation, free for 30 days. For multi-user or single-user access, follow the step by step instructions in the 'Read First - Quick Start' pdf to have the Artworks Collection Database up running in no time.

Download Artworks Database

Download Artworks Database

Purchase License

Purchase Artworks Database

User's of Artwork Collection Database 3.01 wanting to upgrade their existing data for use with version 4.00, visit the Upgrade Tool FAQ and download page.

Database Customisation

Need other reports or functionality added in the Artworks collection database. We can customise the software to match your requirements. To request particular software enhancements, additional reporting, or other adaptations, please contact us with a detailed outline of the changes required, and we will get back to you with a quote to adapt the software to better suit your specific needs.

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