Time and Billing Database

Invoice for Time and Expenses quickly and easily - free software

Time & Billing Database

The free sample Time and Billing Access Database records the hours and expenses incurred working on client's projects and makes billing simple. Free up time by directly issuing invoices from the Time and Billing Database, and record details of payments received. The Time and Billing database enables you to issue split invoices and receive multiple payments throughout the life of a project.

Have multiple projects? The Time & Billing database will keep you informed! With the Time & Billing database user-interface you can view at a glance each client's project history, project's status, employee hours, or project expenses incurred. The Time and Billing database has multiple reports to keep you up-to-date.

Developed in Microsoft Access Database, the free Time & Billing database has a feel familiar to Microsoft Office program users. The intuitive user interface makes the Time and Billing database quick to learn and easy to use. This free database sample performs well when accessed by multiple users over a network, or is just as functional as a stand-alone program on a single PC.

The free sample version of the Time and Billing Database is fully functional and provided free of charge. You can use the free Time and Billing database software indefinitely and without ongoing costs. Why not download the Time and Billing Database and try it out.

Sample Database Features

  1. The free Time & Billing Database has an intuitive, simply user-interface which makes it easy to learn and operate.
  2. You can record an unlimited number clients and projects, and review the status of each project at a glance. A droplist of clients makes them easy to find.
  3. The database makes it easy to record and review employee hours worked, and expenses incurred for each project. It makes billing simple.
  4. The Time & Billing Database can issue invoices (even split invoices) over the life of a project, and quickly record payments.
  5. Save time! Create and email invoices directly from the free Time & Billing Database.
  6. The Time and Billing Database sample includes a range of time saving reports to assist with managing projects, employees, and accounts.
Access Database - Time & Billing Database sample

The Time and Billing database sample is perfect for any small to medium business that charge for employee's time spent on projects, and expenses associated with that work. The sample database is free to use so you have nothing to lose. Downloaded the Time and Billing database today and try it out for yourself.

Database Compatability & Installation

The Time and Billing Database sample is compatible with the following versions of Access Database, and even if you don't have Microsoft Access Database installed on your PC (see infromation below).

⚬     Microsoft Access Datatbase 2003 (Open source version)

⚬     Microsoft Access Datatbase 2007

⚬     Microsoft Access Datatbase 2010

⚬     Microsoft Access Datatbase 2013

⚬     Microsoft Access Datatbase 2016

⚬     Microsoft Access Datatbase 2019

⚬     Microsoft Access Datatbase 365

⚬     Microsoft Access Runtime

If you do not have Microsoft Access Database installed on your PC, the database software installer will advise you. The installer will also ask if you would like to download and install the free version of Access Database Runtime from Microsoft. Read our FAQ page to find out more about the free Access Runtime Database program from Microsoft.

Database Download

The Microsoft Access, Time & Billing sample database template (version 2.00) is free to download and continue to use as long as you like. The free Time & Billing database sample database is fully functional. If you would also like ability to change or update the user-interface, forms and reports or make changes to the functionality offered in the Time and billing database we also make the open-source version of the sample database available for purchase.

Need Help Customising the Database ?

When you purchased the open-source version of the Time & Billing Database, you have full access to all of the Access Database design functionality. You can then incorporate any changes or updates you require. If you lack Access database design experience or need help to make changes or add forms and reports, or dont have the time to add advanced features or functionality, we offer a database customization service and would be happy to assist.

Contact us and let us know the changes, reports or additional functionality you want in the Time & Billing database, and we will get back to you with a quote to customise, and make the Time and Billing Database a better fit for your business.