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Access Database Repair & Data Recovery

Access Database Recovery

Microsoft Access database is a very stable software program with in-built data protection and data recovery functionality that is designed to prevent or automatically recover from data corruption.

However, there are times when an unforeseen event such as a hard-drive crash or catastrophic power failure can occur. Sometimes these can result in database corruption and/or the loss or damage to the data stored in your Access Database, which is beyond the ability of the built-in database recovery tools.

It is for these reasons that we provide a data recovery and Microsoft Access Database repair service.

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What Can Be Recovered from an Access Database?

For Microsoft Access database files in a database mdb or accdb uncompiled format, it is often possible to completely recover the entire database or at least most of the data. However, where the Access database is in mde or accde format, it might only be possible to recover the actual data, and not the database structure itself. Regardless of the Access Database format (mdb, mde, accdb or accde), if the database is encrypted then there is only a slim possibility that database or data recovery attempts will be successful.

Access Database Recovery Strategies

To maximize the opportunity of recovering data from your corrupted Microsoft Access Database and/or the database itself, where possible we recommend the following;

  • Immediately backup your Access database files (.mdb, .mde, .acddb, .accde) to some other media.
  • Do not copy or create the backup on the same media on which the corrupted database file resides.
  • Do not overwrite any previously created backups of the database files i.e. regularly used backup tapes or media.
  • Where possible, and if you have the software tools are available, make a bit stream copy of the hard-drive on which the corrupt Microsoft Access database is located to another hard-drive or network location.
  • Don't save other files to the hard-drive where the corrupt Access Database file resides.

Take the above steps and then contact us. After discussions, we will organise for you to provide us with a copy of the corrupt Access database file.

Once we have had the opportunity to reviewing and assess the database file we will be back in contact you to outline the possible database and/or the data recovery options, and the likely cost associated with the database recovery process.

Microsoft Assess Database Password Recovery

We also provide a Microsoft Access Database password recovery service for clients who have lost or forgotten the passwords for their database. Similarly we also can assist with recovering passwords for most of the software applications in the Microsoft Office suite of programs.

Want more information on how we can assist to redevelop your existing Microsoft Access Database, please Contact Us