Asset Management Database

Manage all of your business assets in one place - free database sample

Assets Management Database

The Assets Management tracking database version 2.00, is a Microsoft Access database sample you can download and use FREE indefinitely. The Assets Management Database records business asset details, including the asset description, asset acquisition and disposal details, asset category, vendor information, related asset repair costs, and the asset's maintenance history. Use the free Assets Management database sample to track the current location of your business assets, including assets issued to employees.

The Assets Management database also records annual depreciation amounts for the life of the assets. If your business uses the ‘Simple’ depreciation tax method, the assets database can calculate and record the annual asset depreciation amounts for you. In addition to a raft of asset management reports, the Assets Management database also includes a depreciation report to assist with taxation reporting.

Use the Assets Management database to set a maintenance schedule and retain details of all repairs or services related to each business asset.

Sample Database Features

  1. The Asset Management Database has a intuative, simple user interface that is easy to learn.
  2. Use the Assets Management Database to record the Asset description: make, model, serial numbers, asset barcode, asset category and much more.
  3. Records each Asset's acquisition and disposal information.
  4. Easily track an Asset's status and current location. Obtain reports listing assets on issue to a department or employee.
  5. Records maintenance and repair histories for each asset, including an asset's repair date, repairer details, and repair costs.
  6. Manually record annual tax depreciation values, or use the built-in 'Simple' method option to calculate annual Tax depreciation values over the life of the asset.
  7. Immediately see the assest's current value.
  8. The Assets Management Database sample also includes a range of reports to assist with the management business assets.
Access Database - Assets Management Database Sample image

The Assets Management database sample is designed in a front-end / back-end configuration, making it perfect for use by a single user on a local PC, or multiple simultaneous users over a home or business network. With nothing to lose, why not download the free Assets Management database sample today and trial it for yourself.

Database Compatability & Installation

The Assets Management access database is compatible with the following versions of Access Database and Access Database Bitness:

⚬     Microsoft Access Datatbase 2007      (Access 32 Bit)

⚬     Microsoft Access Datatbase 2010      (Access 32 Bit)

⚬     Microsoft Access Datatbase 2013      (Access 32 bit or 64 Bit)

⚬     Microsoft Access Datatbase 2016      (Access 32 Bit or 64 Bit)

⚬     Microsoft Access Datatbase 2019      (Office 365)     (Access 32 bit or 64 Bit)

⚬     Microsoft Access Runtime        (32 Bit or 64 Bit compatible with version of Office installed)

⚬     NOTE: The Open source version of the Assets Database is compatible with all versions of Access Database 2003 and later, and either BIT Type.

If you do not have Microsoft Access Database installed on your computer, download the Assets Database bit version that matches the bitness of Microsoft Office installed on your PC. The database installer will download and install the free version of Access Database Runtime from Microsoft to match your Office installation. If you are unsure which bit version of Access/Office is installed on your PC visit our FAQ: Identify the BITness of Access & Office Programs from Microsoft.

Database Download

The Microsoft Access, Assets Management sample database (version 2.00) is free to download and use as long as you like. The Assets Management free sample database is fully functional, however the user-interface forms and reports design cannot be altered. If you have Access Database installed on your PC, and want the ability to change, redesign or add to the Assets Management Database user-interface, we do offer the open-source version of the Assets Management database for purchase.

Ensure that you download the Bit Version of the Free Assets Database that matches the bit version of your Access database and other Office programs.

Free Version

32 Bit   -   Access 2007 - Access 2019

64 Bit   -   Access 2013- Access 2019

Need assistance installing the Assets Database free sample? - Please Let Us Know!

Need Help to Customising the Database ?

If you purchased the open-source version of the Event Management database sample, you have full access to all Access Database design functionality, enabling you to incorporate any changes or updates required. If you lack Access database design experience or the confidence to make changes or add forms and reports, or want to implement advanced features or functionality, we do offer a database customization service and would be happy to assist.

Contact us with the details of the changes, reports or additional functionality you would like added to the database, and we will get back to you with a quote to customise the Assets Management Database as required.