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Event Management Database software download. Manage Events, Conferences & Exhibitions easily

Event Management Database

The revised version 3.00 of the Events Management Software database is ideal for event planners, booking agents, event coordinators, and anyone else tasked with planning and coordinating expos, exhibitions, conferences, trade shows, or practically any event. This version of the Event Management Database software includes additional reporting and a more streamline user-interface. Just like its predecessors, the Events Management software continues to be free to download, use and evaluate indefinitely.

With the Event Management database software, you can easily and quickly set up variable pricing for single-day trade shows, events, and expos, or build a multi-tiered pricing structure for exhibitions and conferences spanning many days or weeks. Accept payments, issue invoices, and receipts directly from the software.

Designed and built with Microsoft Access in a front-end back-end format allowing multiple uses to simultaneously input and access information, the free Event Management database software has a familiar look and feel for users of the Microsoft Office products. With its intuitive, easy to learn user-interface, you and your team will be coordinating multiple events and conferences before you know it.

The free Event Management database evaluation sample is fully functional, so why not download the software and try it yourself and discover how a well-designed access database can save time and streamline your business.

Click here, or the image below, to view screen shots of the GI Events Management Database.

Sample Database Features

  1. The Event Management Database has a simple, intuitive user-interface that is easy to quickly learn and master.
  2. Record starting & ending dates/times for single-day events or events, conferences, or expos spanning several days.
  3. Set multiple pricing schedules for each event. Use the Events Management software to record and track full or multiple partial payments if required.
  4. The Event Database database records an attendee's name and other details and lets you quickly review an attendee's entire events, conferences, or exhibitions history.
  5. Issue receipts and invoices directly from the database. Print an up-to-date attendee list, or financial report for an event in seconds.
  6. The Event Management Database has several reports to keep you informed about the event, attendees, registrations, employee performance, and much more.
Access Database - Event Management Database Sample image

The Events Management database is perfect for both a single user on a local PC or multiple users over a home or business network. Download the Event Management database free sample evaluation software and try it for yourself.

Database Compatibility & Installation

The GI Events Management database is compatible with the following Microsoft Office / Access Database versions, and Access Database Bit format:

⚬     Microsoft Access Datatbase   2010 - 2019 (365)      (32 Bit)

⚬     Microsoft Access Datatbase   2013 - 2019 (356)      (64 Bit)

⚬     Microsoft Access Runtime     (compatible with Office 2013 onward.)

If you do not have a version of Microsoft Access Database installed on your PC, the software installer will download the appropriate FREE version of Access Runtime Database available from Microsoft, and install it for you. If you would like more information about Microsoft Access Runtime database program, visit our FAQ page or read the step by step instructions for installing and configuring the Event Management Database included in the READ FIRST pdf and Installation guide included in the download package.

Database Download

The Events Management sample database (version 3.00) is free to download, use, and evaluate for as long as you like. The Events Management sample database is fully functional, however you cannot alter the existing forms or reports design. If you would like the ability to redesign or change the Events Management Database user-interface you can purchase the open-source version of the database software.

Want Help Customising the Database ?

When you purchased the open-source version of the Event Management sample database, you have full Access Database design functionality to make change existing objects in the Event Management database, or add any additional forms or reports required. If you lack Access database design experience to implement advanced features or functionality, we also off a redesign service. Simply email us with a list of any changes, new reports, forms, or other functionality you would like added to the Events Management database, and we will get back to you with a quote to customise the software to better suit your business needs.