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With over 25 years’ experience developing custom Access Databases for clients, we know the value of reusable tools and VBA code modules. Access Database add-ins, VBA code modules, and template components can significantly help in reducing build times for both current and future projects. Such resources are invaluable, enabling developers to add bulletproof functionality in minutes or hours, instead of days or weeks. For this reason, we have decided to share a number of our tools, components, and apps, making them available for download to help other developers. Some of the tools and resources provided are free of charge, and others available for purchase.

Have a tool or add-in you would like to share with others Access Database developers. Let us know and we will add it here.

Trusted Folder Creator

This app was developed to help clients avoid the hassle of adding trusted folder locations manaully, using the Microsoft Access Database built-in Trust Center. Click here or the folder image to download this helpful FREE App. Extract the 'TrustFolder' app from the zip file into the folder that you want added as a trusted folder location, and then double click the file. For more information about the TrustFolder app visit our Trusted Folder FAQ Page.

User Access Control & Logging Add-In

The Microsoft Access database ACCDB format introduced many advancements over the earlier MDB format. Unfortunately, it also removed User & Group permissions, making it now difficult to control user's access to specific objects (forms/reports) and data, without undertaking significant VBA coding to reinstate user control functionality. Our 'Access User Control Add-in' for Access Database lets you add back user access control, and if required user logging, in any exiting Access Database, with minimal effort, just an hour or two work, and with only a basic understanding of the Access Database design interface.