Access Database - User Access Control

Add login, and User Access control to Forms & Reports in any Access Database (Developer Tools)

User Access Control Add-In

When Microsoft introduced the Access Database accdb format with version 2007, they effectively removed the ability to natively control a user's access to Forms, Reports, Queries, etc, once they had gained access to the database. You can still prevent a user from opening a Microsoft Access database by encrypting the database with a password, however the latest accdb format of Microsoft Access database does not provide a method to control what forms, reports, and more importantly, which data, a user can access once they have access to the database.

To manually add user access control back into the database requires a significant amount of development work, for which you will need a good knowledge of the Access Database design interface, VBA coding skills, and an understanding of the security holes and weaknesses inherent in MS Access database.

The User Control Add-in, automatically adds all the required tables, forms, and VBA modules needed to monitor and control a user's access to objects (nominated Forms & Reports) in your Access Database. With the User Control Add-in installed you decide which users have access to what data in the database; and can restrict or prevent users from accessing data or functionality they don't require.

Integrating the User Control Add-in requires some understanding of the Access Database design functionality as some settings may need to be adjusted to suit your database. However, if you can follow some simple instructions, it shouldn't prove difficult to accomplish.

Database Features

  1. The Access Control Database is in the final stage of development and should be available soon.
  2. If you have any questions regarding the software please feel free to contact us. Link below.
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Access Database - User Control Add In

Database Compatibility

The database can add user functionality into the following versions of Microsoft Access Database : 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 & 365

Th Access User Control add-in for Microsotf Access Database is coming soon!

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Database Development Tools

Over the years we have developed numerous add-in, tools and components that have allowed us to rapidly incorporate both simple & advanced functionality and features into the Access database software we we build for clients. Overtime we will be offiering a number of these tool for purchase to provide assistance to other other developers of Access Database software. Pop back from time to time to see what is new!