Trusted Folder Creator - Access Database

Free tool for creating Microsoft Access Database Trusted Folders

Create Access Trusted Folders

The Access Database 'Trusted Folder Creator' was created by us to take the pain out of adding Truster folder locations for Microsoft Access 2007 and later. The Trusted Folder Creator is a very handy, free, tool for those using MS Access Database and sick of seeing those nagging security warnings whenever an Access database is opened from a new folder location.

Using the Trusted Folder Creator.

  1. Click the download button below to download the Trusted Folder Creator app.
  2. Extract the Trusted Folder Creator (TrustFolder.exe) file from the file you downloaded, and place the file in the folder to be added as an Access Database Trusted folder.
  3. Double click the TrustFolder.exe file to add the current folder as a trusted Access Database folder for the current computer user. Note, all sub-folders will also be trusted folder locations.

Download Trusted Folder Creator

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