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The Events Management Database, Attendee form provides ready access to Attendee's details and their event history. It also doubles as the database's Main Menu, allowing the user to quickly add or edit Events, Registrations, Payments, Invoices, Receipts as well as other related information. The integrated Menu/Attendee record form design ensures the Event Management database software is simple to learn and easy to use.

Event Management Database Sample Main menu and options screen

Event Management Database - Event records

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The Events form records details of each event, such as the name, venue, and event dates. It is also where you set up a Fee Schedule structure containing any number of fee types and amounts, whether it is a single-day event to a multi-day expo or conference. The attendee's tab lists all current registrants for the event under review. The Events Attendees subform displays each attendee's payments status, and if necessary, provides the option to issue Invoices or receipts, and record payments received.

Access Database - Event Management Event showing the Attendee list Event Management Database - The fee schedule options on the Events user form.

Event Management Database - Attendee Registration records

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The Registration form is where you register new event attendees, and set up their attendance and fee schedules pro a particualr event. You can also review an attendee's history, accept and enter payment information, and issue invoices or receipts. Once an attendee has been entered into the Event Database software there is no need to re-enter them again later, simply select their name from the attendee name dropdown list to reload and review their details.

Event Management Registration Form  set fee and attendance schedules for exhibitions and conferences

Event Management Database - Invoice / Receipt

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Record payments and Issue Invoices and Receipts directly from the Events Management software. Print of email as required.

Event Management sample databasase Registration Invoice and receipt format.