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Running a Database with the Free Access Database Runtime program

Is the Access Database program required to run access databases?

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The simple answer is YES! Microsoft Access Database is required to run an Access database.

Fortunately, most Access Database samples downloaded from our website install using our included database installer program. When the installer starts, it examines your PC. If the Microsoft Access Database program is not found the installer offers to download the free Microsoft Access Runtime database program that is appropriate for your computer. For more information on installing our free Access database samples click HERE.

If our free sample does not include the installation program, or you have sourced an Access database from elsewhere, you can still download and install the FREE Access Database Runtime program from Microsoft. There is generally a new version of the Access runtime program made available with each new release of Microsoft Office / Access Database.

Access Runtime allows you to operate any Access database created in the same or an earlier full version of Microsoft Access. While an access database will run and function perfectly well in Access runtime, the runtime environment provides none of the database design functionality found in the full version of the software.

Note Access runtime will not operate on an Apple Macintosh Operating system.

IMPORTANT! Never install Microsoft Access Database Runtime on a computer that already has any full version of Microsoft Access Database installed. Whilst Microsoft does not specifically advise against it, experience has shown us that serious conflicts can arise.

Click on the appropriate link below to visit the Microsoft website and download the install files for your preferred version of Microsoft Access Database Runtime.

Download Microsoft Access Runtime

Click to download the Free Access Database Runtime Access 2010

Click to download the Free Access Database Runtime Access 2013

Click to download the Free Access Database Runtime Access 2016

Click to download the Free Access Database Runtime Access 365 and 2019

Download Ms Access Runtime Database Files

If you do not have a version of MS Access Database installed, any Access Database we develop for you will be delivered packaged with the Access Runtime to match your current Office Install package. All required files to operate the database will automatically be installed.

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