Assets Management Database - Asset Record Form

The Asset records form, in the free Assets Management sample database affords ready access to all of your business asset records, including the asset's previous and current tax depreciation information, and the asset's maintenance schedule and repair details, including a record of costs. The Asset record form also doubles as the main menu for the database, allowing the user to quickly add or edit the sundry information, such as vendors, employees and departments. On the asset record form/main menu there is also an option to access database configuration. This single main form design ensures the Assets database is easy to learn and extremely user friendly, whilst still providing a perfectly functional database to store important business assest details.

Access Database - Assets Management Database Sample

Assets Management Database - Asset Maintenance Details

The Assets record / main menu form, in addition to recording repair details and tax depreciation information on each asset, provides access to a suite of built-in reports included to assist you better management those business assets. Why not download and try out the Assets Database sample. It is FREE and yours to use indefinitely.

Assets Maitenance Information screen - Access Database

Assets Management Database - List of Assets

The Assets list form provides a list view of all the business assets in the database. Quickly sort the list of assets by clicking the column name at the top of the asset list form. Sorting the asset list lets you rapidly locate a specific asset. Once you have found the asset of interest, simply double click the Asset Number to return to the Asset Details records with the relevant asset loaded.

Assets database sample - List of assets screenshot

Assets Database Employee Records

The employee record form provides a place to store your employee's name and other details. The Employee records provide the information displayed in the employee dropdown list located on the main Asset Record form of the Assets Management database sample.

Employee Record screenshot from the Assets Management Database

Assets Management Vendor Records

The Vendor records form records vendor details from whom assets were purchased. These records also provide the details displayed in the Vendors dropdown list located on the main Asset Record form of the Assets Management database sample. Storing the vendor record in this way not only retains the information for future reference, but it also eliminates the need to reenter a vendor's details the next time an asset any purchased from them and must be recored in the asset database.

screenshot of the Vendor Records in the Assets Management Database

Assets Management Database Reporting Options

The free Asset Management Database includes a suite of reports that assist with managing and maintaining your business assets. Everything from asset assignments, maintenance schedules, and repair work on assets right through to asset tax depreciation reports and more. Select the required asset management report in the list and click the 'open Report' button.

screenshot of available reports in the free Assets Management Database