Time and Billing Database - Project List / Main Form

GI Business Database Solutions: The Time and Billing Client Databazse - Project List / Main form. This form provide a list of Project stored in the database. The user has access to 'Quick Filters' or an Advanced filter option to quickly find and display a specific project record, or group of records, that match their filter criteria. The form also doubles as the database Menu, providing access to the Customer and Employee records, as well as the reporting options included in the Time & Billing Database.

Access Database Sample Time & Billing - Project List and Menu

Time and Billing Database - Project Details Form.

The Time and Billing database Projects Details form, records the project details and costing information. Now, all in one place employee’s billable hours project expenses can be recorded in one place. The project record also lets users’ email, preview or print an invoice, and record payments received. At a glance the financial situation and status of the project is available.

Free Access Database Sample - Time and Billing Project Details Form
Free Access Database Sample - Time and Billing Project Housrs
Free Access Database Sample - Time and Billing Expense Details
Free Access Database Sample - Time and Billing Payment Details

Time and Billing Database - Customer Details

The Time and Billing database, customer details form records the customer’s details including business name, address, and contact information. This view also includes a list of the customer’s current and past project. Record customer notes, link any number of computer files or images with the customers record, or send the customer emails directly from their record.

Access Database Free Sample - Time & Billing Customer Details Form

Time and Billing Database - Print Invoice Form

The Time & Billing database Print Invoice form provides several formatting options for invoices issued by the database. A user can elect to include full details, daily totals or a summary of the hourly costs, and expenses included in the invoice. If required, users may elect to store a PDF copy of any invoice issued, and it will be automatically linked with the project record and available via the linked file attachment manager. Invoices can be printed, previewed, converted to PDF or emailed directly to the customer.

Free Access Database Sample - Time & Billing Print Invoice Print Options

Time and Billing Database - Sample Invoice

The following is a sample of the Invoices produced by the Time & Billing database. The sample invoice includes a summary of the Hours and Expenses over the life of the project, along with details of previous payments received and the amount outstanding. Sale tax amounts are shown on the invoice when applicable. The invoice can be printed, or attached to an email ready for sending to the customer.

Access Database - Time and Billing Database Sample Invoice

Time and Billing Database - Reporting & Analysis

The Time & Billing database includes over twenty reports, that can provide in-depth analysis and reporting of across all of data stored. Most reports include multiple filter options enabling users to drill down into the data and build comprehensive, informative reports across specific timeframes, customers, employees or events. Reports covering the financial side of the business, include sale tax details, are included.

Free Access Database Sample - Time & Billing View Reports form