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License Details

  • The Artworks Database license grants the Licensee authority to install and operate the software on up to ten (10) computers linked to a common set of data tables over a local network (or stand-alone on a single PC). See the Manual or Read First pdf for full Warranty & EULA conditions.
  • For instructions on how to enter your license information, Click Here.
  • The License name displays on ALL Receipts, Invoices, and Reports issued by the software. The License name may be up to 60 characters in length. Once the Licensee name has been registered it cannot be changed.
  • Enter your business name, trading name or other Licensee name in the 'Licensee Name' field below before clicking the purchase button.
  • Licensee Name   (Name included on Reports, Invoices, Receipts issued by software)

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Download Artworks Database Software

If you have not previously installed or used the GI Artworks Database, you can download a free trial version of the software from the Artworks Database page Here.

Access Runtime Environment

If you do not have Microsoft Access Database installed on your PC, the software installer will offer to download and install a compatible version of Access Database Runtime, provided FREE from Microsoft. For more information about Access Runtime, see our Access Runtime FAQ Page.

If you experience any issues running the Artwork Database in a Runtime environment on your PC, please contact us for assistance, we are only too happy to help. Also note, that the Bulk Emailer does require MS Outlook to operate. If you do not have MS Outlook installed on your PC the Bulk Emailer functionality will not be available to you.

Database Customisation

As long-time software developers we are aware that off-the-shelf software usually does not meet all of the needs of every client. But with a little tweaking or some added functionality and reporting the software can be a much better fit for a particular Gallery, Artist or Business. If you require additional reporting or any other functionality, please call or email us with the details of what you would like added and we will get back to you with a quote to adapt the software to your needs.