Artwork Collection Database Screenshots

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Artwork Record Form

The Artworks record is the main form in the GI Artworks Collection Database software, and where detailed information about each artwork is stored, including the artwork's Artist, title, year, media, style, value, provenance, lending history. The Artwork image display panel provides the ability to link an unlimited number of artwork images of the artwork to the record. The ability to link multiple images allows for both the artwork's image and the verso to be visually recorded. You can link any number of images to as to record statues, or other multi-dimensional art forms, from every angle.

TThe main Artwork record Form also has a provision to record all aspects of an artwork's provenance and to link electronic documents (such as valuations or purchase receipts) relating to the artwork record. The Artwork collection software can retain a detailed history including of any exhibition history, consignment, or loan activity. The software is perfect for busy artists.

Artwork Collections Database - Artist software - Artwork Sample Form

Artwork Image Zoom Form

Whilst viewing the artwork collection records view a zoomed-larger version of an artwork image by clicking the 'Zoom' button. The artwork image Zoom form provides three different options for viewing the work, including an 'Original' option that send the original link Artwork image to an external software image program. In the artwork zoom form, you can also print, or export to PDF, the Artwork Overview report or Artwork's summary report, both of which include an image of the artwork.

Artwork Collections Artwork Image Zoom Display Form

Artworks Database - Catalogue Form

Use the Artworks Collection software's 'Catalogues' form to create, store, and publish 1000s of different artwork catalogues. To create a new catalogue, simply select the artworks to include from a drop-down list, order the works to your liking. The selected artworks can be from a single artist or several artists. Once satisfied with the catalogue selection and order, print the catalogue or export the catalogue as a PDF ready for emailing. (Note: in the USA, relevant forms and reports use the spelling catalog rather than catalogue.)

Access Database - Art Collection Catalogue Form, Create Artwork Catalogs

Artworks Database - Catalogue Print Options Form

We are sure most artists will have a preferred colour scheme. Therefore we have included the Catalogue Colour Scheme form that lets you select the final colour scheme for the catalogue. Simply select your preferred colour scheme.

The 'Print Options - Catalogue Reports' form gives you user access to the various catalogue-related reports. All of the available catalogue reports available in the software can be printed and/or exported directly to a PDF document ready for viewing or emailing.

Artwork collection software - Catalogue Print Form image

Catalogue Example

The following is an example of the printed Artwork Catalogue available in the Artwork Database software. Note the number of named Artists is limited to 5.

NOTE: We offer a software redesign service and can update branding and make layout modification to the Artwork Catalogue format is required.

Access Artwork Collection Database - Printed Catalogue pages display

Artwork Database - Reporting Options

The Artworks Collections Database includes a comprehensive suite of informative reports that can be filtered and sorted enabling you to track and report on all aspects of your art collection. If required, we do offer a redevelopment service and can create/add additional reports that may be required.

Artwork collection Database reporting Options Form

Artwork Collection - Artwork Overview Report

The Artwork Overview report is an example of just one of the reports available to users of the Artworks Collection Database.

Artworks collection database Artwork Overview Report

Artwork Collection - Bulk Emailer

Send out Emails to current and prospective clients using the Bulk Emailer (Requires MS Outlook to function). Add catalogues, newsletters or any other attachments required on the emails. Each email sent is recorded in each clients record so you can see what previous emails they have been sent.

Artworks collection Bulk Emailer functionality

Artwork Database - Client Records

The artworks database client record stores the clients details including previous and purchases they have made. Any (bulk email) communications with the client are available at a glance. The Client record allows you to record a client's interests, which whilst being useful in itself, also provide the ability to include or exclude the client in a selection for a future bulk email run.

Artworks collection Bulk Emailer functionality

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