Upgrading Artwork Collection Data Tables

Data Table upgrade tool for Artowrks Collection DB

Artwork Collection Database - Data Table Upgrades

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Upgrading and adding new functionality to the Artworks Database often required changes in both the user interface and the database tables. As a result, the Artwork Collection Database User Interface then only operates with the correct version of the data table.

To use the upgraded version of the Artworks Database, users wanting to retain their existing data must first upgrade their data tables to the latest format before attempting to link to their data.

The upgrade tool automates much of the data-table upgrade process. However, on occasions, users may need to make some manual changes during the process. We strongly recommend users read all instructions before commencing any upgrade. You will find the instruction document in the downloaded zip package along with the upgrade tool.

Data Table Converter (Version 3.01 to 4.00)

For users of the Artwork Collection Database 3.01 wanting to upgrade to 4.00, and retain their existing data. Download the GI Artworks Database data table converter and follow the instruction included in the download package.

Artwork DB Data File Converter

Download Ver. 3.01 to 4.00 Upgrader

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