Windows Security Popup When Installing

Why does Windows Security Message display when installing GI BDS Software

Software Install - Windows Security Warning

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At times when installing GI Business Database solution software, you may be prompted Windows Smartscreen Security Panel (see image below) or a similar Windows Security Popup Panel/Message. As all of our software is digitally signed with our security certificate, we are not sure why this randomly occurs, but it appears to depend on the windows version and current security configurations of the operating system.

Windows Smartscree Security Panel displays on software install

What to do if Security Panel Displays

If you obtained the software installer other than from GI Business Database Solutions Website, halt the install, and download the software installer directly from our website. and then try again.

If you are still receiving a security warning, click the More Info text and look for the name of the software publisher that has signed the software installer. If the publisher information is identical to that shown in the image below, then it is safe to continue with the installation of the software. Note: The software title will differ and will instead display the name of the software title you are installing.

Windows Smartscreen Security Panel displays on software install

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