Link Tables from Another Access Database

How to access external data and link tables from a foreign Access Databease.

Managing Linked Access Database Tables

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Linking Tables from another Access Database

Splitting an Access database into a front-end database (containing the Forms, Reports, and other User objects) and a back-end database (that holds the actual data entered into the database) is very common. This configuration is most often employed when building multi-user business applications, as it provides significant database speed and performance gains while reducing network traffic and the opportunity for user conflicts to occur in multi-user environments. Managing the linkage between the front-end and back-end databases is made easy using the Access Database built-in data linking tools

This FAQ provides a step by step guide to show how to quickly and easily link tables from external Access Databases.

Step by Step - How to Link External Access Database Tables

  1. Open the Access database into which tables from an external Access Database will be linked.
  2. Next open the 'Microsoft Access - Get External Data' panel. On the Access Database ribbon clcik the 'External Data' tab. Next select the options 'New Data Source''From Database''Access'. (Note the icon location for opening the 'Data Sources' panel may vary depending on your version of MS Access Database), but the process will be very similar to that outlined here.
  3. Access Database External Source Linking Option
  4. When the 'Get External Data - Access Database' panel opens, ensure the 'Link to the Data Source by creating a Linked Table' is ticked and then click the 'Browse' button.
  5. Access Link Tables Selector Panel
  6. Use the Windows Explorer browser to navigate to the folder containing the database in which the table or tables to be linked is located. Double click the database name or highlight the database name and then click the 'Open' button.
  7. Windows Browser for locating Access Database table to Link
  8. Back on the 'Get External Data - Access Database' panel opens, ensure the 'Link to the Data Source by creating a Linked Table' is still ticked and then click the 'OK' button.
  9. Completed Access Database Link Tables Selector Panel
  10. On the 'Linked tables' selector form ensure the 'Tables' tab is selected. In tables list select (highlight) the table(s) you want you front-end database to link then click the 'OK' button. Wait whilst the links are created. You can elect to add one or multiple tables but be sure to select only those table that are relevant to your needs.
  11. Completed Access Database Link Tables Selector Panel
  12. The linked tables will are displayed in the Tables section of the Database Object Pane. Note, linked tables are indicated by having a blue arrow icon beside them.
  13. Completed Access Database Link Tables Selector Panel
  14. If at any point you want to check the source of a linked table, in the Database objects pane, right click the name of the linked table and select 'Linked table Manager' from the dropdown list options. If necessary, you can use the Linked Table Manager to relink tables if the source database has been moved. To do so click the 'Always Prompt for New Location' and click the 'OK' button. You will be prompted with a browser to select the file in its new loaction.
  15. image of Access Linked Table Manager

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