Sending Email from Database using Gmail

How to Setup Gmail to send emails from Access Database

Setup Database to send via Gmail.

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Before you can send an email through your Gmail account from an access databases, or indeed any software, you need to setup access to your Gmail account. Previously there was an option in your Gmail settings to enable 'less secure apps',however this option has been discontinued by Google. The current, and more secure method now available requires you to set up an 'App Password' in your Google account setting. The 'App Password' (a 16 character code) acts as a replacement for your password, allowing the software to interact with your Gmail Account.

If you have already set up an 'App password' for your Gmail account follow the instruction below. If you are yet to set up an App password skip to the Setup Google APP Password for Gmail' section further down the page.

Send Emails via Gmail Settings

In the 'Email Account' field enter your Gmail email address ( i.e. )

In the 'APP Password' field enter the 16 character 'App Password' you created to access your Gmail account, without spaces (i.e. iazgnohpkekfwkqz). If you have not already set-up an 'App Password' see the section Setup Google APP Password for Gmail below.

Enter the App password in the 'Confirm Password' field.

In the 'SMTP server' field enter - In the 'SMTP Port' field enter 465

In the 'Send Using' field select Network (Deft)

In the 'Authentication' field select Basic SSL, and in the 'Use SSL' field select YES

After entering all of the Mail Server information try sending a test email to ensure emails can be sent.

For information about the 'Email Sending Options', 'Signature Block', and 'Use Signature Block' option fields, visit our FAQ page Emailing Options in Access Database page.

Access Database Setup Outlook Email

Setup Google APP Password for Gmail

To set up an 'App Password' you will need to have activated 'Two-Step' verification in your Google account. See how to Setup 2 Factor Authentication. Ounce setup, an 'App Password' gives applications or devices, that would otherwise be blocked, the ability to access your Google Account features. In this case, the 'App Password' will be used by your Access database to enable sending emails via your Gmail account.

To get started, log into your Google account. In the left top Menu, click the word 'Security' in the options menu.

Access Database Setup Outlook Email

On the 'Security' page, scroll down to the section titled 'Signing into Google'

If you have not already done so you will need to set up 2-Step Authentication.

The number of currently active 'App Passwords' (if any) is displayed

Click the right-pointing arrow (>) at the end of the 'App Passwords' row.

Access Database Setup Outlook Email

Enter your Google account password when prompted. Once confirmed, Google will open 'Apps Password' Page.

Click the word 'Select app' located near the bottom left of the page.

In the 'Select App' dropdown list, select 'Other Custom Name'.

Type in a name for the 'App Password'. Something like 'CDO Email' might be appropriate.

After entering a name for the 'App Password', click the 'Generate' button.

Access Database Setup Outlook Email

After a few seconds, a 16-character 'App Password' will be generated and displayed on the page.

Copy or make a note of the 'App Password'. You will need to enter this password into the 'Account Password' field in the database Emails Settings page.

Down the track, when you no longer need to send emails via Gmail, you should access your Google Account and remove the 'App Password'.

For instruction on how to setup the Email Sending options in our Access Databases, visit our FAQ page Email Send Options in Access Database.

Access Database Setup Outlook Email