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Frequently asked questions - Deleting Sample Data from our Access Database Samples

How to Delete Access Database Sample Data

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Removing Data from Our Sample Databases

The following instruction relate only to the free Sample databases that are available for download from our website. Click to download the FAQ as a PDF.

Most of the Access Database Samples that you download from our website will contain some sample data to help you to understand how the information in the database is displayed and how it relates. Once you have practiced with some dummy data and you are ready to begin storing your real information/data, this is the time to clear out the sample data and give yourself a clean slate to move forward. That is why we have included a ‘Delete Sample Data’ option.

Before deleting and sample data, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you make a BACKUP COPY of the database tables just in case. To do so make a copy of the database table that came with, and that you were required to manually move to a shared folder location. The database Data Tables file will have the same name as the database with the suffix ‘_Data’ (i.e. TimeBilling_Data if for the Time & Billing Database)

BE AWARE the ‘Delete Sample Data’ option DELETES ALL OF THE DATA THAT YOU HAVE ENTERED into the database up to the point when you click the Delete Sample Data button.

To delete the sample data, open the main form of the database you are using. This name of the form varies between databases, but is usually contains the database navigation options. For instance, in the Access Database Sample Time & Billing Database, you will find the Delete Sample Data button on the ‘Client’s Form’ as shown below.

Access Database - Time Billing Database showing Delete Sample Data button

If a user has accidentally hidden the Delete Sample Data button or for any other reason the button is not displayed, click the ‘Database Options’ button to open the 'Database Options' form.

Access Database - Database option screen displaying Delete Sample Data button

In the Database Options form, select ‘My Company Information’ in the Options List, at the top of the page. The My Company form will load. Click the Tick Box at the bottom left-hand side of the page next to the label ‘Display the ‘Delete Sample Data’ or a similarly named label.

Read the message in the pop-up box and the click ‘Yes’

Access Database - Delete sample Data Confirm message box

Close the Database Options form and return to the main form. The Delete Sample Data button will now be available.

Make a backup copy of your database tables file (the one you installed manually when you installed the database – usually name similar to the ‘DatabaseName_Data’)

BE AWARE DELETEING THE SAMPEL DATA MEANS DELETING ALL DATA CURRENTLY IN THE DATABASE with the exception of some data that is used to populate the various dropdown list options in the database. When you are ready to Delete ALL of the data in the database click the Delete Sample Data button

When prompted click ‘Yes’ to indicate that you want to delete ALL the data in the database.

Confirm Ok to Delete sample Data from access database

If you are certain that you want to delete ALL the data in the database, then when prompted a second time, click ‘OK’, and the data will be removed from the database.

After deleting all data, add your company information first.

After deleting the data from the database, you MUST first enter your Business / Company information before taking any other actions in the database in the database.

My company information form displaying data required.

Resetting Counters and Removing Bloat

Although not absolutely required, we recommend that after you have deleted the sample database, and added back your My Company information, the next action you should take is to compacted and repair the database Tables file. Doing so will remove the space previously used by the sample data, as well as reset the ID counters for empty tables back to zero.

Note if you have already added data or any data is still present in the tables the ID counter will NOT be reset, however any bloat or wasted space in the tables will be removed.

For more detailed information on compacting and repairing our Access Database Sample database tables see our FAQ on this subject.

Review our other FAQ titles for other information relating to our software.

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