Office 2013 - End of Support

Microsoft Ending Support for Office 2013 (Including MS Access 2013)

Microsoft Office Support Ending - MS Access 2013 in Windows 11

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Microsoft is planning to end support for Microsoft Office 2013 (including Microsoft Access) on April 11th, 2023. From that date, Microsoft will no longer support Office 2013 license owners, including technical support, security patches for new issues, or any bug fixes. For more information see their article HERE

Whilst difficult to find a lot of information on-line, it appears that MS Access 2013 (64-bit) will still operate in Windows 11, but its use may not be error-free. Our testing has shown that an Access databases compiled in MS Access 2013 does not function correctly, nor does an access database operating with MS Access 2013 Runtime. It seems that any Microsoft Access database created or compiled in MS Access 2013 is a hit-and-miss affair when running the database in Windows 11, even where you have MS Access 2016, 2019, 2021, or Office 365 installed. MS access databases compiled in 32-bit format should be converted to a 64-bit format and / or upgraded to a later version of MS Access.

If you are experiencing issues running your older MS Access databases after upgrading to Windows 11 and need help to convert your database into a usable format, please feel free to Contact Us, we are happy to help.

When downloading any of our sample databases please ensure that you download the Office 2013 version ONLY if you currently have Office 2013 installed on your PC, otherwise download the later version option.

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