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Access Database Repair and Password Recovery

Unlike some, we do not view data recovery as an opportunity to charge exorbitant rates to recover data that a business or individual desperately need.  This service is provided at our standard scheduled fee.

Access Database Repairrepair of corrupt Access database and recovery of lost passwords.

Whilst Microsoft® Access is a very stable program with robust data protection and recovery systems, there are times when power outages or other unforeseen circumstances can result in lost data, or a damaged database. For this reason we offer a database repair and data recovery service. In the case of an MDB database there is a good chance that the entire database can be recovered but if not we will inform you of exactly how much of the database is recoverable. Even if the database is in an MDE format it may still be possible to recover the data, even if only in a raw format

After following our 'Tips to ensure the best chance of recovery', simply forward the database to us and we will provide you with a report outlining the necessary work to repair the database, and the costs involved.  We can usually complete the repair and have the database back to you within 24 hours.

Once the quote has been accepted we will recover the database / data, and upon payment of our fee, return it to you. Upon returning the database, or being advised that our quotation is unacceptable, we will delete all your files and data from our system.  (Privacy is as important to us as it is to you.)

Password Recovery

We also provide a password recovery service for lost or forgotten passwords for MS Access, and other Microsoft Office programs, as well as a host of other password protected file formats. Email us via our on-line request form, outlining your problem and we will advise you if we can assist.

Tips! To ensure the best chance of data recovery

  • Immediately backup your data files to some other media.  Do not back it up to the same media on which the corrupted file resides.  Do not overwrite any other previously made backups of the files i.e. regularly used backup tapes or media.

  • If possible make a backup of the hard drive on which the data files reside (In a bit stream format where possible)

  • Do not save further files to the hard-drive on which the data files resided, even after a backup copy of the corrupt files (database or otherwise) has been made

  • .

  • Take action as soon as possible - the longer you wait, the less likelihood of a successful recovery

Should you require additional information or advice about this service, don't hesitate to contact us via email from our on-line request form, or telephone us on the number listed on our 'About Us' page.


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