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  Microsoft Access Database Samples

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 Don't have Microsoft® Access on your PC ?

Let us package your database with Microsoft® Access Runtime.

You pay only for our time required to develop and package your database using Access runtime.

Whilst the database will be fully functional, you will be unable to change its design.

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Microsoft Access Database Samples

Personal Appointment Book

The Personal Appointments database was originally based on the Microsoft Access 'Personal Address Book' template, but this has been significantly modified to include appointments and a contact history. Depending on your customer contact needs you may find that 'Personal Appointments' is a realistic alternative to the Contact Management database.

Use Personal Appointments to store your associates personal, business and contact information.  Set up appointment reminders, keep a contact history, or simply keep track of  your family and friend's birthdays and important dates.


  • As well as storing the usual contact information, Personal Appointments records all of your associates birthdays, hobbies, spouse or children's details, or any other information you can think of in the notes fields provided.
  • Record a history of your contact with associates, or schedule appointments in second. 
  • Be alerted to any overdue or outstanding appointments the moment you start the software.
  • Integrates with the Windows® telephone dialler to enable you to dial associates directly from the software
  • Print  today's appointments, a monthly birthdays card list, or a 'Fact' sheet detailing an associated information and contact history....


Microsoft Access 2000, 2002 (XP) or 2003 is required to operate this database. 

Download Free Access Database Sample - Personal Appointments software

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Image Free Access Database Sample - Personal Appointments

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Purchase the Open Source Version

The open source version of the Personal Appointments has all the functionality found in the FREE version, along with additional modules to support the front-end/back-end format, used to simplify the process of future upgrades.

When you purchase the open source version of Personal Appointments you have full ACCESS to all tables, forms, reports and other database objects.  You may continue to operate the Personal Appointment Book database 'AS IS', or if you wish, use it as a starting point and further modify the software better suits your needs.

The nominal fee that we  charge is to covers the modification made, and assist in maintaining the availability of the databases on our website. If you wish you can build this database using the Personal Address Book database template wizard available in Access 2003 and then make the changes yourself.

Buy Personal Appointments

AU $37.95 

(Emailed on payment confirmation) (usually within 24 hour)


If after using Personal Appointments you would like additional functionality or reporting, but don't have the time or know how to customise the database, we would be happy to assist.  Please contact us for a quote!

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Please read the included 'readme.txt' file for important details regards installation.

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